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                                              NEW ITEM!

The Sugar Glider Jewelry Box

        We are proud to announce the newest item in our collection: The Sugar Glider Jewelry Box!

We created this lovely box especially for sugar glider owners and lovers. It's the perfect place to
keep all your sugar glider jewelry (and other, regular jewelry, we suppose...). The Sugar Glider
Jewelry box features a hand-crafted, raised-relief woodland and glider sculpture. (Please note: the
camera flash washes out the true colors; the top right image represents the actual colors.)
          * Dimensions: 7.25 x 7.25 x 3"
          * Made from Paulownia wood (top detail is made from same materials as our figurines)
          * Lined to protect jewelry and other delicate items
          * Solid brass feet
          * Price includes shipping
          * Please allow up to two weeks for delivery

                                                                $ 119.00

                                   We now have a layaway/payment plan.  All figurines can be purchased
                                   with the "Buy Now" button or with the "Layaway" button.  See the FAQ section
                                   for details.  All full-size figurines are signed and numbered and come with a Certificate of

Please note - All figurines are individually crafted. Please allow up to three weeks for delivery.

Shipping rates are for United States addresses only. If you are outside the United States, please
message us at for shipping rates.


"Out of Pocket""Out of Pocket"

This mama glider is super-protective - if you try to touch
her joey, she might crab at you!  Her recently oop joey
is tucked up under her belly, sleeping.  He won't be out
for long, though; he'll be crawling back into her pocket
when he gets hungry.  "Out of Pocket" is life size at
5-1/2" x 3" tall.  Limited edition of 100

             Buy Now  $89.00
                                            Layaway /Payment Plan $10.00

Looking For Trouble"Looking For Trouble"

Peeking around a branch, this inquisitive Sugar
Glider is looking to jump... somewhere!  She just hasn't made up her mind where, yet.  Life-size figurine, 7.5" tall, with attention to the smallest detail - even the two joined back toes. Limited edition of 100.

Buy now  $89.00
                           Layaway/Payment Plan  $ 10.00

Sugar Baby"Sugar Baby

This little joey is a sweetie - if you stand still, she might just jump to you!  Typical of an almost-weaned joey glider, her tail is not quite fully furred yet.  Life-size at 3-1/2" tall x 7" (overall dimensions).  Limited edition of 100.

             Buy Now  $89.00
                                                  Layaway / Payment Plan  $10.00

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                                                                        $5 Shipping on entire order!

Yum! Pumpkin!                


Yum! Pumpkin!

                  We all know how much our suggies love pumpkin, and
                   this little one is no exception! She's chowing down on
                   a piece of pumpkin and enjoying every bite. Available
                   in limited quantities only during Halloween season, this
                   mini-figurine is 3 1/2" tall.

                     $ 42.95

Easter Glider
Easter Glider

This fun little glider is collecting easter eggs in her basket,
and it looks like she's found the golden prize egg!  3" tall.

     $ 32.00


Glider in Stocking
Glider in Stocking

A yearly holiday favorite.  2-1/2" tall.


Santa Glider

Santa Glider

This 3" tall mini-figurine is perfect for your mantle or
table top display.  Not a hanging ornament.


Glider in Pot
Glider in Christmas Pot

This glider is in the holiday spirit with a colorful cap and bow.


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  Association of Sugar Glider Veterinarians

  Pocket Pets


          Are the figurines and ornaments made in China?
          No!  I make each and every one myself.  They are each individually cast and hand-painted.

          What are the figurines and ornaments made of?
          They are all made of Excalibur, a ceramic-like material.  And as with ceramics and porcelain,
           they can chip or break.  Please handle with care!

           How do I clean them?
           Keep them dusted with a dry duster.  DO NOT use water or cleaners!  Although they are finished
           with a sealer, a wet washrag could destroy the finish and ruin the paint.

           Do you own sugar gliders?
            Yes, I have two.  No, I do not sell live gliders.

            How does the Layaway / Payment plan work?
            When you start the Layaway plan, you make an initial payment of $10.00.  This reserves your
            figurine's exclusive edition number.  Then, you come back to this site whenever you want and
            make eight more payments.  With each payment you will receive a confirmation email detailing
            payments made and balance due.  You can make payments as often as you'd like, or you can take
            as much time as you'd like.  There is no set schedule or automatic withdrawals.  You are in
            control.  To make the payments, simply use the same button again each time.  When you have
            made a total of 9 payments ($90), your figurine will be shipped.

            Is there an extra charge for the Layaway / Payment plan?
            One dollar - because it just works out that way.

            Do I have to have a PayPal account?
            No, you do not need a PayPal account.  Your payment will be processed by PalPal even if you
            do not have an account.

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